With all the time spent watching television and playing games on tablets, many of today's children have never experienced the rewards of a hobby like ballet and dance.

How many of you, when you were children, had a hobby?

Hobbies benefit children in numerous ways. Because they are expressions of personal accomplishment and a means of self-discovery, hobbies help build self-esteem.

Hobbies like dance are educational tools, as well. For example, a child who becomes interested in ballet learns about balance, self-confidence, memory skills amongst a few . By working on hobbies, children learn to set goals, make decisions, and solve all sorts of problems. Finally, hobbies often mature into lifelong interests, even careers.

Top 7 skills your child could learn with ballet classes

  1. Listening and understanding instructions
  2. Memory retention
  3. Collaboration with teachers and dancers
  4. To smile and have fun
  5. Core strength
  6. Mentor and support one another
  7. Keep healthy and active.


How to Find a Hobby for Your Child

If all of that sounds good, and you'd like to help your child develop and sustain a hobby interest, try booking your first class at En Pointe.