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En Pointe love a good Summer workshop and show and this was one of the best we have ever have...

En Pointe are now proud sponsors of Hamilton Panthers footall team. The first ballet school ever to sponsor a football kit. Encouraging hobbies and activities for children in York.

The amazing Christmas show, performed by the beautiful and talented En Pointe dancers — well done ballerinas!

Exciting news, we made it to nomination, and now you have the opportunity to vote for the best dance classes in York.

Ballerina Buns. Something parents at En Pointe always ask is how do you create that perfect ballerina bun. Well, here is a short video on how I was taught at Elmhurst in accession with The Birmingham Royal Ballet.

Discover the science behind ballet and whats it takes to make the best of a dancer.

En Pointe is proud to be apart of the 'York Culture Awards'. En Pointe ballerinas took to York City Centre for our a photoshoot infront of the York Minster down Stonegate for the York Press.

Just for fun, we decided to take our ballet students outside of the dance studios. For a morning infront of the beautiful backdrops of York Museum Gardens and of course the York Minster.

This is a warning really to all parents who need to be aware of the dangers to their children if taught by a "dance teacher" without the right qualifications. We say check who they are first.

This years Summer School was simply magic. With the hard work of our fairies and a fairy prince the show was a big success. All the En Pointe dancers, parents and grandparents enjoyed themselves and as well as Miss Donya.

En Pointe has been approached by the BBC for filming. On the 12th July 2016 we had a introductary interview with Miss Donya and Miss Rebecca followed by some snippets of dancers in class for an up and coming documentary.

What age should we start ballet classes?

At En Pointe we get asked this question a lot. I guess for a parent with a young child at maybe 1 or 3-years-old they might worry that signing up to ballet classes at that age is perhaps too young and in the same breath if your child is a 5-years-old or older, will they have to catch up with the other dedicated dancers.

Classical ballet is both an art and an athletic sport. It isn't a sprint, it's a marathon, ballet isn't a race, there is no finish line. Perfection is measured by dedication, and there is always room to improve. The key to improving is loving what you do!

With all the time spent watching television and playing on tablets, many of today's children have never experienced the rewards of a hobby like ballet and dance.

En Pointe are so excited to bring you these super stylish zippy jumpers. Perfect for keeping your dancer warm before and after classes. Not only are they comfortable and well made, but we can personalise them to you. Have your name or nick name on the back and be the envy of your friends.

The majority of parents want 'qualified teachers' to teach their children ballet or dance, but, there's more to being a good teacher than following a syllabus.

Taught by our highly experienced teachers, Summer Schools are a fun way to keep up your dance practice, learning new dances and having lots of fun. We welcome students aged 2-18. Attend a five day themed Summer School participating in two performance shows at the end of the week. Each group will learn dances to perform in two mini shows to friends and family with costumes hire, hair and make up included.

When we had the studios built having a sprung floor was a fundamental factor for us. Medical specialists in dance injuries have established a link between the quality of the floor and injury to dancers. A floor with a consistent degree of spring is strongly recommended for dance.

One of my friends asked "Why do you pay so much and spend so much time running around for your daughter to dance ?" Well I have a confession to make:

I don't pay for my daughter's dance lessons. Or her pointe, Jazz & tap shoes. Or her hundreds of costumes. So, if I am not paying for dance, what am I paying for?

Miss Donya had the honor of helping Wayne Sleep OBE in a Yorkshire ballet workshop. "It was a great day of dance. Our dancers did really well and I'm very proud of them."